About me

Andrew C. Fox

I am a 52-year-old British commercial translator, and have spent over half my life living in Brazil. Like everything else in my life, I didn’t plan this but it’s worked out fine. It does, however, mean I feel foreign in two countries. This is a blessing and a curse.

This is a collection of my wild writing (see https://27powers.org/).

Three times a week I listen to a poem read by Laurie Wagner (see the website linked to above) and, set off by a single line, I then write as fast as possible for 15 minutes in Parker fountain pen, without self-editing. I write in notebooks I bought years ago with an idea I would one day do something useful with them. This is the writing you see in the images accompanying the audio and typed text posted here. Why do it? Because I need to. That’s all I’ve got.