I think it’s about time I said something about at least some of these texts. This one corrupted a line from the song ‘So.Central Rain,’ by R.E.M. The original line is, “The ocean sang” and I started out intending to stick with that but it changed. If I had written about what the ocean sang, it would have become too not me. The ocean song was the abstract I needed.

This is my explaining of something I don’t really understand so, you know, ignore it. We are great at making up reasons we do stuff when in fact we just don’t know most of the time. Someone has studied this but if my life depended on it, I couldn’t find the reference. I believe it is in the excellent book ‘The Undoing Project,’ by Michael Lewis. I have the book but it is lost in my apartment and I just have to wait for the universe to shake it free.

Anyway, click on the audio and forgive me anything that it does badly.

Click here for audio – The ocean song

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